3 July 2014:

New PDPA – Privacy Policy

Faro Singapore has an updated PDPA document, available for review here

25 April 2014:

Company retreat to Montigo Resort, Batam

On 25th April 2014, Faro Singapore went on a company retreat for 3 days and 2 nights to Montigo Resort, Batam. The staffs managed to unwind, relax and get to know the real person underneath each of their fellow colleagues.

On the first day, half of the group headed to a nearby convenience store to buy lunch for everyone as well as the groceries to cook for dinner. The other half of the group settled down in their villa and recce the resort’s swimming pool. Once everyone has taken their lunch, they had a quick swim before preparing to cook for dinner. Our head chef, Jerome Ong, prepared Chicken Bolognaise Pasta for everyone while the rest helped in setting up the table. After dinner, the group had fun playing games and drinking before calling it a night.

On the second day, the girls went for a therapeutic massage at the resort’s spa. The massage was quoted by Dominique Tagle to be the best that she has ever had. After the massage, the girls continued their relaxation therapy as they soaked in the spa’s Jacuzzi as the boys waited for them to go on a cycling trip to the beach. Some of the girls joined the boys while the rest headed to their villa to rest. The cycling trip was pretty exciting as the bicycles reached great speed while going down the high slopes. The day ended as the group sat at the beach and had some coconut water while watching the sunset.

On the third day, the group headed to the ferry terminal to get their tickets and managed to do some last minute shopping at the nearby mall before boarding the ferry home. The trip served its purpose as everyone went home happy, relaxed and closely bonded together.

23 April 2014:

New additions to Faro Singapore

Faro Singapore welcomes two new additions to their team: Joey Chee and Wilson Chen.

Joey will be part of the Temporary and Contract Placement team while Wilson will be on the Permanent Placement team.

Exciting times behold for Faro Singapore with the addition of these two dynamic individuals.

17 April 2014:

BBQ at Pasir Ris Park

On 17 April 2014, Faro Singapore organized a company’s barbeque session at Pasir Ris Park. The staffs had a wonderful time bonding together as everyone offered their help in the joyful gathering.

Our advance party, consisting of Linna, Joey, Connie and Jasmin, arrived at the location at 4pm to collect the barbeque items. The rest of the team joined them shortly after their trip to a nearby supermarket to get drinks and other essential items.

Wilson, the latest addition to Faro Singapore, displayed his hidden talent as he spearheaded the efforts in starting the fire. Alongside Joey, another new addition to the family, they were relentless in their efforts to barbeque the food for the rest of the family. Putting her leadership skills on display, Linna epitomized the term ‘leading by example’ as she was integral in barbequing the food throughout the whole evening.

Thankfully, the weather was kind to us and the forecasted heavy thunderstorm came only after we had finished cooking. There was abundance of food and everyone went home happy with their stomachs full.

25 November 2011:

Faro Calendar 2012 for our premium guests

When exquisite design meets practicability

To show gratitute to our loyal clients, Faro had especially designed a luxurious 2012 Calendar to our premium clients in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

This special Calendar will be distribute via our consultant team to selected clients during early December.

We give our sincere thank you to all of our long-term partners and wishing all of you a fruitful 2012.

30 October 2011:

Certificate of Employment Intermediaries (Basic)

Under the New Employment Agency (EA) Regulatory Framework, all EA personnel of Comprehensive Licence EAs are required to be registered with the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore and to attain the Certificate of Employment Intermediaries (CEI).

EA personnel performing EA work as specified in the EA Act are required to pass the CEI (Basic) test. The CEI aims to equip EA personnel with the necessary knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations. This ensures that the EAs understand the law and their obligations, thereby raising their professional knowledge and service to their clients. EA personnel who pass the test will be issued with a certificate.

We are pleased to announce that all our staff had achieved excellent results in the statutory examination!

2 October 2011:

Friends Referral Program

Launching of Faro’s Friend Referral Program on 1st October 2011

For temp position placement
Refer 5 friends within a 3 months period and secure any one job placement to get $20 shopping voucher
*Friends must work at least 40 hours within 7 working days

For perm position placement
Refer 2 friends and attend Client’s interview within a 2 months period to get $30 shopping voucher
*Friends must attend face to face interview with clients.

23 September 2011:

Company Chalet

On the 17th September 2011, Faro Singapore had a fabulous time of food, games, prizes and fun together with our families and colleagues! The Committee had put in a lot of effort to make it such a great success…

1 August 2011:

New Manager on-board

Leon Chua: Leon joined the Company in July this year and has held the position of Talent Acquisition Manager. In this position, he will be leading a new team, exploring new grounds and be in- charge of providing training in relations to business development and more specifically, marketing approaches to our respective colleagues.

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