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Key to Success: Keeping the best staff happily around


What is the most valuable asset in a company? The monetary reserve? Think deeper. Who helps you to earn money? Yep. It’s your staff. They are the most valuable asset in any business. So think of how to retain your best staff instead of chasing the digits in the corporate outstanding accomplishment. How can you earn money without people helping you to earn money? Just think of the trouble you are getting into if your staff quit the job. You have to face the time and money consuming candidate search from an ocean of talents and dummies. Feel free to check out another article revealing the bitter truth in searching for top candidates. Let alone the time and money consuming training programs that you need to invest on a new employee, the leaving of staff may actually cause anxiety among the other staff, which might in turn arouse another round of turnover.


As a matter of fact, it is not difficult to retain your staff as long as you are willing to pay efforts in keeping them around you. After all they are the ones to earn money for you and help with the growth of your business. Below are some tips for you to retain your staff:

The GOLDEN RULE: Enhance employees’ sense of belonging to the company
It is the most commonly touched yet the most important topic regarding staff retention. There are quite a few acts that you can take to boost staff’s sense of belonging to the organization.

1. Address staff’s needs:
In order to enhance working efficiency, staff must have the pre- or on-job training, sufficient time to finish the work as well as the right tools which can help them to achieve the target.

2. Accept staff’s opinion:
These can be fall into different categories such as working condition, process or even about benefits. The underlying principal is to make them feel that they are valued and respected, and that their contribution to the company is appreciated.

3. Group activities with staff outside office hour:
These activities can be as simply and casual as picnic or hiking in weekends. Or it could be as big and formal as annual dinner for all staff in the organization. The point is to create chances for staffs in all levels to do something relax together other than working.

4. Provide opportunities for staff to grow and develop:
It is important for staff to realize that they are valued not as working machines for the company. Instead, the company shows care for the growth and development of staff as a person.

5. Communicate with staff about the situation and prospect of the company:
Regular meeting of staff and reveal the situation and prospect of the company to them is important for staff to eliminate any anxiety regarding the company. Thus keep them from jumping to other organizations due to insecure job’s future. Let the staff know about the difficulties or prosperity of the company is of no harm. Instead of driving them away, it can unite them to work harder to help the company in hard times.

The above tips regarding enhancing staff’s sense of belonging are merely the first step. Constant reviewing the strategies you take is the key to success in keeping your staff.

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