4 December 2016:

Faro wins HR Vendors of the Year 2016 (Best Payroll Outsourcing & Recruitment)

Faro Recruitment Group wins three trophies in “HR Vendors of the Year Awards 2016″ in Hong Kong! It is a great honor as the judging was based on the criteria of industry leadership, solution design, client testimonials and corporate values by a panel of independent experts from industry leading companies in Asia.

Best Payroll Outsourcing Partner (GOLD)
Best Recruitment Firm – Technology & Telecom, Fintech Sector (SILVER)
Best Recruitment Firm – Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Logistics (SILVER)

Click the image to know how Faro can help acclerate your growth.

25 October 2016:

Faro Recruitment Hong Kong has been winning Family Friendly
Employer for three consecutive rounds!

Great news to share that Faro Hong Kong is awarded “Family-Friendly Employer (Special Mention: Gold) 2015/16” for winning in three rounds of the Award Scheme since 2011!

Family-Friendly Employer (Special Mention: Gold)
Distinguished Family-Friendly Employer 2015/16

We’re grateful for the recognition and will continue to encourage pro-family culture and work-life balance as core corporate values.

10 March 2016:

Faro Report 2015/16: China & Hong Kong

A quick overview of China and Hong Kong’s recruitment scenes in 2015-16, including Hiring Expectations & Salary Trends and Index.
Click the below image to download your copy now:

9 April 2014:

Faro Report 2014: China & Hong Kong

Salary & Hiring Trend for 2014 revealed:
This comprehesive, easy to read report covers Hiring Expectations, Turnover, Salary & Bonus, Outsourcing & RPO, Salary Index and more.
Click the below image to download your copy now:

22 March 2014:

Farojobs: Word’s First Temporary & Parttime Workforce Management App

Inspired by our clients, developed by Faro – Our first App (by Faro Hong Kong)
Designed to streamline the high volume of contract/ part-time worker’s data process while providing a new channel for existing candidates and new users to apply for our positions. Available for Clients, Candidates and Guests:

Core Functions

Portal – provides quick summary and all essential functions
Project – all project details with remarks and roster button
CheckIn – all staff has to check-in with their smartphone upon arriving to client’s working location, based on server time
Roster – shows all enrolled staff for today, with check-in time stamps
Password Generator – enable rapid check-in function, one password until 23:59
Message & Alert – easy direct communication with individuals or as a group
Hotline – one click contact to your Faro representative

The app is now available in Google Play, and in the process to Apple App Store. This app is available in Traditional Chinese only.

To learn more, please visit: www.farojobs.com.hk ; or Google Play: Click Here for details.

19 September 2013:

Faro Insight 2013/14: APAC is now available

Salary & Hiring Trend for 2014 revealed:
This comprehesive, easy to read report covers Hiring Expectations, Turnover, Salary & Bonus, Outsourcing & RPO, Salary Index and more.
Click the below image to download your copy now:

24 March 2013:

Faro Report 2013: China & Hong Kong

Salary & Hiring Trend for 2013 revealed:
This comprehesive, easy to read report covers Hiring Expectations, Turnover, Salary & Bonus, Outsourcing & RPO, Salary Index and more.
Click the below image to download your copy now:

12 September 2012:

Faro Insight 2012/13: APAC is now available

The handy tool for all local and regional HR in APAC. Research by our internal team, bringing you the essential information in the APAC recruitment scene.

Click the below image to download your copy now:

1 May 2012:

Faro Report 2012: China & Hong Kong

Salary & Hiring Trend for 2012/13 in both regions has been revealed.

Click the below image to download your copy now:

25 November 2011:

Faro Calendar 2012 for our premium guests

When exquisite design meets practicability

To show gratitute to our loyal clients, Faro had especially designed a luxurious 2012 Calendar to our premium clients in China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

This special Calendar will be distribute via our consultant team to selected clients during early December.

We give our sincere thank you to all of our long-term partners and wishing all of you a fruitful 2012.

21 November 2011:

Faro Recruitment Hong Kong has been awarded Family Friendly
Employer 2011

We are glad to share the news that Faro Recruitment Hong Kong has been awarded “Family Friendly Employer” by Family Council this year.

This award gives recognition to companies and firms that demonstrate a family-friendly workplace culture via company policies or special schemes. 1,112 companies had participated, all applicants had been judged by expert panels in criterias such as employment policies, practices, rationale, benefits and management. Corporate Award winners include HSBC, Conrad Hong Kong, Goldman Sachs, Standard Chartered, Watsons and more.

All winners will be awarded the right to use the award logo, plus an authenticated certificate from the council for display. The certificate is now located in our reception area (image as below), whereas related logos has been placed on both doors.

We sincerely appreciate all our staff for their support, and will continue to improve our workplace environment as a group. Truly thank you for all our loyal clients for the long term encouragement!

12 November 2011:

German Bierfest 2011 – What a great gathering! – Faro Hong Kong

Our annual client event had successfully completed on 11 Nov 2011. Please click the below link for more fun and smile!

30 October 2011:

Certificate of Employment Intermediaries (Basic) – Faro Singapore

Under the New Employment Agency (EA) Regulatory Framework, all EA personnel of Comprehensive Licence EAs are required to be registered with the Ministry of Manpower of Singapore and to attain the Certificate of Employment Intermediaries (CEI).

EA personnel performing EA work as specified in the EA Act are required to pass the CEI (Basic) test. The CEI aims to equip EA personnel with the necessary knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations. This ensures that the EAs understand the law and their obligations, thereby raising their professional knowledge and service to their clients. EA personnel who pass the test will be issued with a certificate.

We are pleased to announce that all our staff had achieved excellent results in the statutory examination!

25 October 2011:

Launching monthly Faro Spotlight from October 2011 – Faro Vietnam

From October 2011, Faro Recruitment Vietnam JSC has officially launched Faro Spotlight. With purposes of customers, providing some valuable information as an added value to our Faro Spotlight will bring the most updated information regarding labour market and labour regulations, information of the hot candidates of month.

2 October 2011:

Friends Referral Program – Faro Singapore

Launching of Faro’s Friend Referral Program on 1st October 2011

For temp position placement
Refer 5 friends within a 3 months period and secure any one job placement to get $20 shopping voucher
*Friends must work at least 40 hours within 7 working days

For perm position placement
Refer 2 friends and attend Client’s interview within a 2 months period to get $30 shopping voucher
*Friends must attend face to face interview with clients.

21 September 2011:

Faro featured in the Cover Story of Job Market – Faro Hong Kong

We are glad to share the exposure of Faro HKG in the 9 September 2011 edition of Job Market. In the feature story, Maggie, our Operations Manager talks about luxury retail market and recruitment demands.

Please click the below image for direct access to the eVersion online.

2 September 2011:

Coach x Faro Recruitment Day Commence – Faro Hong Kong

Faro partner with our long term partner Coach for a cross month Walk In Recruitment Program between August and September 2011.

26 MAY 2011:

Faro Report, HKG 2011: Hong Kong sees stable rise in Permanent Hiring Expectations

HONG KONG – – Hiring expectations in permanent and temporary continue to rise steadily this year in Hong Kong, according to The Faro Report.
Established in 1981, Faro Recruitment is an international staffing solutions provider with presence worldwide, today released findings of it’s annual research – The Faro Report for Hong Kong. This report aims to track and estimate market movements through a statistical approach, providing a quick overall summary of Hong Kong’s local recruitment scene. Faro Recruitment conducted a research in which over 500 key employment decision makers across major sectors in Hong Kong were surveyed.

Key Findings in The Faro Report – Hong Kong 2011 are:

- Hiring Expectations:
76% of respondents plan to hire more staff in the upcoming year. 94% in IT&T, 83% in Finance and 77% in Consumer & Retail sectors have recruitment plans.

- Turnover Rate:
Turnover remain high with more then 33% of respondents report turnover rate at over 10% in the past year.

- Positions in demand:
Across all sector, 46.3% and 17.8% say they demand Experienced and Junior Management staff respectively.

- Qualities in demand:
Over half (56.25%) say that Working Experience is the most important quality when it comes to hiring.

- Temporary & Outsourcing:
72.1% of the respondents have directly/ indiectly hired temporary or outsourcing staff in the past 12 months. Increasing number of enterprises had switched their non-business units to outsourced firms, while junior operation positions are turned into contracts or temporary.

Read on: Report Summary and Press Release

Press Release – Hong Kong sees stable rise in Permanent Hiring Expectations

新聞稿: 香港招聘意欲預期平穩增長: 調查顯示33%顧主將增加短期合約員工人手

Report Summary – Faro Report, Hong Kong 2011


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