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Faro Report 2015/16 - China & Hong Kong

A quick overview of China and Hong Kong's recruitment scenes in 2015-16, including Hiring Expectations & Salary Trends and Index.   Get a FREE softcopy of full [more]

Faro Report 2014 - China & Hong Kong

The New Faro Report 2014: China & Hong Kong is now available.  Discover the new trend, and what the HRs have planned for 2014. [more]

Key to Success: Keeping the best staff happily around

  What is the most valuable asset in a company? The monetary reserve? Think deeper. Who helps you to earn money? Yep. It’s your staff. They are the most [more]

Faro Insight 2013/14: APAC

Faro Insight is a regional research by Faro Recruitment's internal research unit, bringing you the current essential information in the APAC recruitment scene. [more]

Faro Report 2013 - China & Hong Kong

New recruitment market research revealing hiring and salary trend of China and Hong Kong, including hiring expectations, turnovers and more. [more]

Faro Insight 2012/13: APAC

The handy tool for all local and regional HR in APAC. Research by our internal team, bringing you the essential information in the APAC recruitment scene. [more]